Sunday, 15 September 2013

Goodwin Research 4

Music videos are essentially promotional devices whose function is to sell the song to its target audience. For example in 'Bite My Tongue' by You Me At Six ( The audience will want to see guitars, Drums, Close Ups of the singer and them all preforming.
As an artist is a brand they have to have an identity established through their videos. In this video you could say that the band are trying to break away from their identity from the fun rebellious rock group (shown in the first image below ) to the darker and heavier rock band (image under the first one).
 To appeal to their target market, record lables will demand close ups of the stars for their audience to recognise with. They do this by collaborating with Oli Sykes (lead singer of Bring me the Horizon). In the video Oli is used as a threat so is given a lot of close ups and is in control of the editing.

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