Sunday, 10 November 2013

Digipak research

Digipaks are different from what they used to be. Due to the increase in digital downloads digipaks are now for serious fans of the artist and what to show their dedication by buying a hard copy to have and to hold. All of the Digipaks that I have researched are from bands in a similar genre and, therefore, have a similar target audience. The key conventions of these digipaks (apart from Biffy Clyro) are that they have a photo of the whole band. This will appeal to the audience because they will feel more of a connection with the band than if they had just bought the digital version. Other things that they have in common is the use of interesting imagery, this makes the pack look a lot more appealing. The Killers, as it is a greatest hits album, have written a thank you message to all their fans and their support. When I come to doing my digipak I want to include these conventions but I will have to remember that my band is not as mainstream as the bands that I have researched. This doesn’t mean that I can’t stick to most of the conventions, if anything it means I can bend them and intend to do this by using more landscape photos of the singer to give the audience a sense of loneliness about the artist (maybe something like Eminem’s Recovery album). I will use the band photo as I think that is important to the genre.

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